About Us

At Hei Design, we have played a meaningful and synergistic role in crafting happiness for our customers through creative, energetic, and exquisite interior designers.

Profound ingenuity decicated to interior and living

Based in Hong Kong since 2007 with three showrooms and a team of professionals, we design interiors and bespoke furniture with aproactive, solution-delivering, and caring approach. We are excited to serve clients who dream big about the aesthetics and potential of spaces and, after all, love celebrating life as we do.

Persevered philosophy honored accolades

Always guided by our mission “Crafting Happiness”, we are aspired to fulfill our clients' expectations by leveraging effective communication, while ensuring the balance between aesthetics, pragmatic space allocation, and resource efficiency. Over the years, under our client’s endorsement of our service excellence, we have collected a significant amount of accolades – being accredited by the global benchmark authority SGS and honoured with numerous international and local interior design and service awards. Our clients can rest assured about our service reliability and comprehensiveness with these credentials.


Years of interior design


Completed projects




Awards won

When one becomes two and more

Hei Design Ltd, named with the Chinese character“囍” consisting of two“"喜” , connotes double happiness.

In the monumental and joyous life event of owning a home, we would be glad to join you throughout the actualisation of its details. Adhering to the interior design aesthetics our team has upheld, we also take it as our greatest pleasure to shape your consummate happinessby crafting homes filled with opulent elegance.

We wish our collaborative efforts make one delight become two and even more in your life.

Our Values


We satisfy and delight our customers by serving with empathy


We actively engage to truly understand individual needs and arrive at inspiring solutions by translating needs into action


We promote exquisteness in lifestlye


We proactively anticipate needs and resolve issues with a sense of urgency across all levels


We keep thinking for the psychological and physical wellness of clients in our design


We commit to fostering team members' growth and happiness

Every Hongkonger deserves to fully enjoy at home as much as they have worked hard for it. Mindful that a home, be it cozy or luxurious, nurtures a fulfilling life, we are committed to assisting our clients in pursuing their unique ultimate happiness in refined interiors with our craftsmanship.

An answer to your needs, Hei Design wholeheartedly crafts your space, harnessing our professional knowledge, technical excellence, and honed insight. From this basis grows a life story leading to an interior design journey. We start with interpreting your vision with empathy, extending to contemplating pragmatic space allocation to be invigorated by designs perfectly layered with purposeful opulence and a touch of personality. With us efficiently eliminating issues for you all through, you can make your ideal home a reality with ease and bliss.

Our Philosophy

A creative composition for your life

User-oriented is the essence of good interior design, and empathic listening and communication are prerequisites. Every functional space we plan, as well as every hue, texture, and pattern we select, is a carefully crafted interpretation and portrayal of your life and story, our guiding blueprint.

Where Luxury within reach interwines with conscientiousness

Our contemporary designs help you make big statements with a little modesty, culminating in precise execution under our meticulous supervision. In interiors projecting the perfect marriage between sophisticated elegance and modern luxury, you can always return to a sweet designation after a long day, and indulge in a tranquil haven of your desired ambiance.

Our teams

We foster a vivacious, highly creativity-provoking, and team-oriented work environment for our interior designers to develop their best talent and career.

Embraced Hei Design’s philosophy, our experienced designers and teams bring our clients a kaleidoscope of interior concepts beyond imagination. We conjure designswith classic elegance seamlessly integrating with contemporary opulence, and create a unique sense of happiness.

To ensure an enjoyable home-crafting journey with us, five teams serving for designated services are ready for our clients:

Project Management Team

Devoted to mapping the project’s journey and ensuring seamless collaboration between involved parties, so as to keep our clients clear about the progress and next step.

Interior Design Team

Well-suited to interpret clients’ vision, masterfully deliver well-conceived design solutions and proactively solve problems

Engineering Team

Experienced in handling sophisticated details, possessing craftsmanship that plays an essential role in realising the construction plan

After Service Team

Committed to ensuring unexpected problems are well-fixed after project closure

Customer Service Team

Care about your experience with us and always listen to your feelings